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Laura & Harley | Brisbane Glamour Photographer

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Glamour photography is a genre of photography that emphasizes the beauty and sex appeal of its subjects. It often involves dramatic lighting, sensual poses, and revealing clothing. When it comes to glamour photography on location, the possibilities are endless. The location can be an urban setting, a natural landscape, or even a private studio. For this particular shoot, we chose a location that perfectly complemented our model's outfit and attitude.

Our female model, Laura wearing a pair of form-fitting jeans and a denim jacket, was posing with a Harley Davidson motorbike. The combination of a beautiful woman and a powerful motorcycle created a stunning visual contrast. It was a perfect representation of the beauty and strength that glamour photography often aims to capture.

The location we chose was the Petrie Old Trains Station. The vintage setting provided the perfect backdrop for our shoot. The early morning nature lights and the old buildings created contrast against our model's smooth skin and sleek clothing. The natural light that filtered through the trees was soft and diffused, giving the scene a dreamy, ethereal quality.

The first set of shots we took were close-ups of our model sitting on the motorcycle. We used a combination of natural and artificial lighting to highlight her features and the details of her clothing. We wanted to capture the intensity and sensuality of the moment, while also showing the raw power of the motorcycle.

For the second set of shots, we had our model stand up and pose next to the bike. We used a combination of poses to show off her curves and accentuate her femininity. The result was a series of stunning images that captured the essence of glamour photography.

Throughout the shoot, Laura was confident, expressive, and completely comfortable in front of the camera. Her energy and enthusiasm were infectious, and it helped us to create some truly unforgettable images.

In conclusion, glamour photography on location can be a truly rewarding experience. When done right, it can capture the beauty, strength, and sensuality of its subjects in a way that is both stunning and empowering. By choosing the right location, outfit, and lighting, you can create images that are truly unforgettable.

Model: Laura Slater

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