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The  Boudoir Experience


Boudoir is intimate portraiture and life changing experience. It's stepping out of your comfort zone. It's butterflies in your stomach. It's hoping that you don't "mess up" and look stupid. It's every doubt you've ever had about yourself mentally, emotionally, physically coming into the spotlight.

It's CRUSHING those doubts. Obliterating your fears. Finally realize how perfect you are, how insanely beautiful you are. It's meeting people who feel the same things you feel on a day-to-day basis and connecting with them in a way you didn't know that you could. We want to make women see how stunning they are. It is my goal to help you see yourself in a new light, renew your femininity, and begin to love the woman inside that time may have forgotten. It is an excellent out-of-the-box gift for yourself or for your intimate relationship with your partner. It is also a unique way to preserve your beauty and celebrate the strength of your newfound confidence.

We believe every woman should feel like she's a goddess. Szabi Nemeth`s Boudoir Studio is where women of all shapes and sizes come to experience luxurious boudoir sessions and walk away feeling sexy & empowered. We strive to make every boudoir session one-of-a-kind, tailored to each clients individual needs.

Step outside of your comfort zone. You are a bad ass bitch and deserve to be treated like one.


You deserve it!

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Boudoir: Text


Helpful Information

Boudoir: FAQ

What is the cost?

The complete 3 hour boudoir experience starts at $390 which includes hair and makeup, a photoshoot in our studio with full posing assistance, and a private viewing and ordering session where you get to see all of your images on the big screen and feel like a Hollywood movie star. All images are purchased separately and are not included in the $390 Session Fee. We offer Collections, as well as A La Carte Sessions so that we are able to fully customize your day with us leaving you with the best products for your individual lifestyle. Our pricing begins at $700 and goes up from there with various options available. We offer all of our clients payment plans to make any experience “budget friendly.”

Do you edit all of my images?

Editing and PhotoShop is included in our image pricing, but you are going to be amazed at how great you look with our “less is more” approach. All of the final purchased images will receive the custom SZN edits that make our images POP!. We can edit out things like pimples, bruises, scratches, undereye, skin texture or redness, etc. We can do some nip-tuck, but with our expert posing and lighting skills it is usually not necessary. We do offer additional retouching services at no cost on things like cellulite, stretch marks, and scars, but we always leave those decisions up to you. You are beautiful just the way you are, no matter your age or size and we want to emphasize your natural beauty. Posing is key, as is communication. We all have our self perceived flaws, so let's work together to help you look and feel your best!

Are you going to share my images?

Obviously once you see your images you will fall in love with them and want to share them with the world, but unless we have your written permission your images will forever remain private from any public forum. If at any time, however, you change your mind one way or the other, let us know and we will be happy to cater to your request.

How do I book a session?

That’s easy! You can just reach out to us as soon as you are ready, and we will go over all of the information, pricing, and availability with you and get you on our calendar ASAP. Once you pay the Session Fee retainer (we collect a $390 Session Fee), your date will be locked in and good to go!

Should I go tanning?

Please, no spray tans 4-6 weeks before session!! It stains our white bedding and carpets, and it does not photograph well. We also discourage the use of tanning beds 2-3 weeks prior to your session because it doesn't photograph as well.

I am not a model, will I still look good

It's ok, you will be after this! But seriously, we do this thing I like to call "Barbie-dolling" where we act really silly and teach you the poses and move you all around. Most of the women in our images are normal women like you.

Where are you located?

Our permanent 180m2 studio is located in Lawnton, North Brisbane. We are about 30 min from the CBD and maybe 1hr from the Sunny Coast. We do offer select locations for outdoor photoshoots on a limited yearly basis if you are interested in shooting outside of the studio.

When will I see my images?

You will see your images immediately after your shoot! We just take a quick 90-minute lunch break after the session to give you some time to recoup some energy and grab a bite to eat, meanwhile we are doing a brief retouch on all of your beautiful images from your session. You return to the studio after lunch, we will go through all of our sample products, and then show you a slideshow of your gorgeousness! Then we do the selection and design process for your printed products and place your order. This is the one and only time we will meet to see your images and order, any images not purchased are deleted permanently.

Can I bring a friend?

In theory this sounds like it would be fun, but we find that sometimes when there is an audience, our clients hold back. We really want you to let loose, have fun, and enjoy this time and not worry about entertaining your guest. I promise you that our team is the best around and you will feel so comfortable in our space!

If I don’t want hair and makeup, can I get a discount?

This is a step you DON’T want to skip! Amazing hair and makeup goes miles for your transformation, and it will make you FEEL like a million bucks! It’s also a lot of fun to be pampered for a bit before your session, it gives you some time to unwind with our girls and get comfortable in the studio. Proper makeup application and hair styling also saves us oodles of time during retouching, because you will already look flawless.

When should I book a session?

Our studio usually books at least 1-2 months in advance, if not more. When selecting a date to book, I always recommend booking 12 weeks in advance of the date you need your images for (like a wedding, holiday, etc). For instance, if you are getting married in October I would recommend coming in no later than June for your session! Our calendar fills up fast so I always tell people to grab a date as soon as they can so they don’t miss out on any deadlines. We can rush orders for clients who find themselves in a bind, but we’d rather plan in advance so your experience is stress free!

How do I prepare?

We are going to send you a detailed prep guide a few weeks before your session that will go over all the details. Mani's and Pedi's are a small detail most forget! Come with a clean face and hair. Take care of your skin a few weeks out to prevent any breakouts, get lots of sleep and DRINK WATER! This will reduce dark circles/puffy eyes and reduce bloating. Make sure you eat so you have lots of energy to play with us! Don't stress, this is going to be FUN.

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